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WHO Will Help?

“AIDS itself is subject to incredible stigma.” – Bill Gates

We are humans, we have hearts, we have souls, and we can not dehumanize someone for who they are, how they look, a mistake they commit, or for having AIDS. 

For many years HIV has been a controversial topic. People have been demoted and discriminated against for having the disease.

In today's committee, The World Health Organization aims to improve the stigma about AIDS so people do not have to feel ashamed of their reality.

Daniel Wu, delegate of Colombia, along with, Albert Wang, Harsha Mahadevan, Pablo Burruel, Rishi R. Suresh, and Henry Schon developed a resolution. It is less of a resolution, but more of a call for people to put matters into their own hands, and hear the stories of those suffering from not being accepted for their Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome.

Their main goal with this inspiring resolution is to help eliminate hate towards HIV people.

Their plan is to create education programs about security and sexual education for teenagers and young adults. This program would be facilitated through an international foundation supported by developed nations and the World Bank, distributing on a need level basis.

The consideration of ONU to include this topic demonstrates the importance of it, finding a way to eliminate the stigmas that come with. 

It is not easy, it is not fast, but with good social change anything is possible.

By Karla Valencia

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