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About Us

Inspiring Diplomacy in University and High School Students Since 1963

AZMUN Members in Chicago making the wildcat claw

Our Story

Since its inception at The University of Arizona in 1963, Arizona Model United Nations (AZMUN) has aspired to cultivate awareness of international relations and global understanding among university and high school students. This is done through a variety of avenues, namely two major annual events. In the fall we attend a collegiate conference in Chicago which is hosted by the American Model United Nations (AMUN).  In the spring, we host a conference for high school students.  


Members of AZMUN spend the Fall Semester preparing to attend AMUN in Chicago in November, learning the rules, functions, and authority of the United Nations, as well as researching topics assigned to their committees. Additionally, this time is spent registering, training, and preparing high school students to attend our conference in the Spring.  


In the spring, AZMUN members shift their focus to the role of the chair (or Secretary General, President, etc) in a United Nations body, as well as other administrative roles such as vice-chairs, rapporteurs, interpreters, etc. In learning to fill these roles, our members are prepared to facilitate our spring High School Conference.


This spring, AZMUN will host its 62nd Annual High School Model United Nations Conference. The conference is the only bilingual, bi-national conference in the American Southwest and has an excellent reputation in the region. As a result, the conference has attracted thousands of high school students from the United States and Mexico over the years.

Arizona Model United Nations is a 501(c)3 registered nonprofit and recognized student organization at the University of Arizona.

Our Executive Committee

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