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On March 23, 2024, the decision of the application against the Oriental Republic of Uruguay was made. The topic being the 1975 Statute’s for the construction of two pulp mills without the consent of the natural resources along the River Uruguay.

The International Court of Justice found out that Uruguay did not sufficiently provide prior notice to the Argentinian government in regards to the construction of Pulp Mills.

The 1975 Statute’s purpose was to protect  the River Uruguay, so any construction above the river required consultation and permission from the Argentinian government

The Advocate Plaintiff says that Argentina will follow all articles and clauses to ensure future compliance with international statutes and regulations pertaining to the River Uruguay. Natalie Tryalor,  established that every action needs to be clear for it to be relevant to the circumstances. 

According to Tommy Gray, Uruguay promotes the development of the Uruguay River while maintaining the highest environmental standards as defined in a study by the World Bank. The Advocate Defendant also confirms that Uruguay uses internationally recognized manufacturing standards in their Pulp Mills. 

The Chair was asked, How they would monitor and enforce compliance, especially regarding the closure or relocation of pulp mills and revisions to the 1975 Statutes. To which he answered that it will be by finding a middle ground between both Argentina and Uruguay’s concern. 

Por Romina Márquez

24 March 2024

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