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What is the United States Doing in the Middle East?

Tensions in the Middle East are reaching an all time high. Iran made a recent announcement of their possession of a nuclear warhead, and implied it was to be used against Israel. To further fuel the fire, a Spanish whistleblower has recently leaked an intelligence report that claims the United States has provided nuclear weapons to Israel. While this report is unsubstantiated, it seems likely that there is some amount of truth behind it. Spain condemned this whistleblower and reconfirmed their commitment to disarmament; however, they also backed the report, stating that “the Spanish delegation stands behind the National Intelligence.” 

According to the report, the United States has been sending nuclear weapons to Israel since 2017 under the Trump Administration. Up until this point, there has been no public aid involving nuclear warheads, however, the US has publicly supported and sent other forms of military aid to Israel multiple times. The United States stated, “We deny the claim completely.” The Prime Minister of Israel has also denied the claim.

This nuclear environment has raised serious concerns with outside nations such as Greece, who are prompting an investigation of their own. The Delegates from Greece “confirmed that [the allegations] are true,” and they are worried about a potential nuclear war. Delegates from China have also confirmed that they believe nuclear war is a definite possibility given the presence of warheads in both Israel and Iran. They are currently working on a resolution that aims to cool tensions in the region. 

Historically, the United States’ meddling in the Middle East has created a volatile environment. They are seemingly continuing their policy of intervention, by giving Israel access to a nuclear arsenal. Coupling this with the presence of a warhead in Iran, the region is on pins and needles, and working around a crisis that could be a lasting subject for debate and contention. This contributes to the United States’ reputation of intervening where it is entirely unnecessary, and raises the question: “What is the United States doing in the Middle East?”

By Teagan Hart

24 March 2024

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