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The Metal Virus: Is it an Unmanageable Threat?

In the year 2570, the world is threatened by a virus that carries metal through the blood and  poisons blood vessels. This disease is prone to appear where there is a presence of magnetic substances which is a common characteristic of materials that can be found in regular households. Due to the widespread risk,  the problem affected a lot of people.

This pandemic has caused the death of half  the population in the world. According to the Argentinian delegation, these statistics show that this disease is one of the most dangerous humanity has seen.

Argentina participated in proposing resolutions to the virus, stating they don’t have a lot of resources to solve the problem properly, but they are looking forward to making alliances with countries that have the capacity to do so.

With the support of nine more delegations, Turkey began developing resolutions for this urgent problem.

The delegation of Turkey came up with two different solutions: 1) to reconstruct the healthcare system, and 2) to implement new technology into medicine, so that the disease can be prevented and/or cured.

This, along with finding methods and strategies to improve the availability of medical care and the distribution of medicine are priorities for countries when discussing possible resolutions. 

However, some delegations did not suffer as much as Argentina and Turkey. An example of this is the delegation of Finland.

Due to their experience with pandemics, specifically COVID-19, Finland was more prepared for this and experienced far fewer casualties in their country.

The delegation of Finland assured that this is because of the lifestyle people have in the country, especially the nutritious diet that is commonly practiced in Finnish households.

Despite this, Finnish delegates still formed resolutions. One of their solutions was to focus medical aid to extremely tight urban areas, expand the number of hospitals, and implement “hospital neighborhoods,” a concept for suburban areas.

By creating hospitals from wood and non-magnetic materials, this resolution addresses the problem of common household and lifestyle objects’ magnetic nature that perpetuate the spread of this disease. 

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