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State of the Nation: Japan

Tensions between Japan and China are reaching a breaking point as Japan prepares to continue their invasion of China. Japan is currently ruled by Emperor Hirihito, who is ordering the invasion. According to the Emperor, Japan is looking to create an “Asia for Asians.” Talking to Koki Hirota, Japan has explored diplomatic options to find a mutually beneficial agreement between the two nations, and they have “requested a meeting with their leaders,” but are awaiting their response. 

Despite their diplomatic attempts, Japan continues to prepare for war by drawing up plans for further invasion, and they have recently joined the Axis Powers. Should this conflict continue there is a threat of another global war, and the USSR plans to send troops to aid the Chinese communists and Germany plans to send troops to assist with Japan’s invasion. 

What is really driving the desire for invasion? According to Commander Yoshijiro, Japan plans to “take over all of China” and “take China’s resources”. Drawing similarities, we find coinciding motivations between Japan and Western Nations who currently have spheres of influence in China. When questioned about what differentiates Japan and the Western Nations, Emperor Hirihito explained that Western Nations are only in China for resources, whereas Japan is looking to protect China from cultural influences like the USSR. However, when questioned about human rights violations, Japan declined to comment. 

Culturally, Japanese leadership seems to idolize their emperor as a goddess who can do no wrong. They will follow her every command, as evident by Commander Hirihito, who declared, “Our Emperor is god herself, and her word is what we follow”. When asked about how he feels about the invasion, Chiang Kai-shek, a Chinese leader, said that he does not believe the Japanese are the benevolent saviors they paint themselves as, instead, they are brutal colonizers who have no regard for human rights. 

Overall, Japan appears to be a fascist-leaning nation that will stop at nothing to take control of Japan. They do not seem to have benevolent interests at heart, as evident by their brutal treatment of the Chinese, and they are instigating a potential global war that could be more devastating than the Great War.

By Teagan Hart

24 March 2024

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