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Neocolonialism's Lasting Impact on Ex-Colonies

The delegation of France is proposing a possible resolution offering humanitarian and economic help to a determined quantity of countries with a strong presence of neocolonialism. The country even showed support for former French colonies, specifically in Africa.

This “help” given to other countries was stated by the French delegation to “not have conditions.” Later, the delegation said that the resolution would form an alliance between France and its ex-colonies.

On the other hand, Granada, a former French colony, stated that the so-called support from France is not an implemented resolution because there is no documentation of them following through with the promises they made.

The delegation of France offered their help as a resolution to mitigate the long term effects of colonialism in various countries. This is despite French involvement in perpetuating neocolonialism within their own ex-colonies..

Granada experienced a lot of gentrification at the hands of the French when they were one of their colonies. The people of Granada feel that the French revolution is just prolonging the problem. 

The country needs political, industrial, military, and social aid so that they can grow into a self-sufficient stable government. The people of Granada seek long term stability and freedom, but France is just trying to put a bandaid on the bullet hole that is Granada’s suffering.

“Mi país se ha visto afectado a lo largo de los años ya que, principalmente siendo una ex-colonia son consecuencias del mismo (país) que estamos intentando borrar,” Granada said.

The delegation of Granada proposed a resolution for a committee that includes and prioritizes countries affected by the phenomenon of neocolonialism. Former French colony, Afghanistan, was listed as an example for potential prioritized countries. 

Granada felt the current resolution did not prioritize ex-colonies enough, and they want a committee where solutions given directly from the perspective of the affected nations are supported.

The delegation of Fiji supported Granada’s proposal. They stated that their culture and economic independence needs to be valued and protected by stronger nations, especially ones with an imperialistic past.

Por José Esteban Duarte Lizardi

24 March 2024

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