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Improving Trade Opportunities for Landlocked Developing

In their second session, the UNSCTD continued their discussion from their first session. 

There was a  tremendous difference in positions, which is why the delegates did not come to an agreement, thus leaving them without any definitive resolution.

There was division among the delegates regarding positions and proposals, so topic two was discussed until the end of the second session. 

With UNSCTD left without a resolution and a lack of reciprocated interaction by delegates in search of proposals, South Africa and India shared their opinions regarding the resolution raised by some delegates.

"It was a resolution that highlighted the opinions and solutions that stood out about the countries of the bloc, we believe that we can reach agreements and treaties with other countries, collaborating bilaterally and improving not only a country with access to the commercial market, but also also to the creation of their own resources for trade” said Afghanistan Diego de silva hernandez, the delegate from South Africa.

"Resolution 2.2 is highly effective in addressing the topic of supporting developing landlocked nations. Promoting aquaculture and foreign investment would provide a stable economic opportunity for landlocked nations in improving infrastructure and economic output,” said the delegate from India.

By Melanie Valencia Morales

24 March 2024

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