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Traitors within the Greek and Trojan council

As the Greek Council of city states war with Troy, an unsuspecting beast lurks in the background of their carefully laid plans. One of the Greek delegates, Teucer, is as Le Monde can reveal a traitor to the Greek council, bringing Greek war plans into the hands of the Trojans.

This deep conspiracy has been carefully planned and covered up by the Trojan council as they have lied and covered up their intentions in a variety of ways including attempting to frame the Greek council member Mopsis as the actual spy in order to get him discredited or assassinated by the Greek council while also drawing attention away from Teucer.

When I dug deeper I found the conspiracy goes deeper than I originally thought. I found that six council members, three Trojans and three Greeks, have a plan to betray both sides, seize the Bosporus and the rest of the Greek city states to destroy the Old Order and replace it with a New Roman order.

The three Greek states that are conspiring with these Trojan traitors have been promised lands and expansions of their Greek Kingdoms in return for their support. The six conspirators are on the Greek side Menelaus, Tuecer, and Odysseus and on the Trojan side Chrysses, Pandarus, and Aeneas. These conspirators plan to join their armies in the South and slowly move North while maintaining control over the Bosphorus.

In addition they plan to trick the rest of the Greek kings into angering the god Apollo by sending a large carved wooden cow full of cows that the Greeks will likely destroy, killing the cows who are the sacred symbol of Apollo. Their deaths will likely anger him.

These conspirators have fooled every other council member except for the king of Athens. When he found out from the spies sent to Troy, he remarked, “I am not surprised. I began to suspect when Thebes withdrew their support from me that something larger is about to happen.”

This situation is looking dire for all of the other Greek city states with so many traitors afoot. I can only wonder whether anything will be left of Troy and Greece after this terrible war and whether this planned new Roman order born of so much blood and betrayal may not become a new Roman curse. While the rest of the council intends to end the war with a duel these six will form Rome either way by assassinating major members of the council.

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