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The UNHCR hopes to improve food security through ‘sustainable agriculture’ according to UN Delegates

Debate began in Sessions 1 and 2 in the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) as delegates discussed the best ways to approach food security in refugee camps. The discussion happens as more and more refugees become victims of food shortages and security in the world.

While debate is still early, discussion on already existing programs and solutions have become the main focus, with the goal being to implement non-governmental organizations (NGO) throughout various countries to help aid refugees.

“One main problem is the lack of sustainable farmland in these countries,” says the Argentinian delegate.

Many countries, especially in Africa, have struggled to provide adequate food and resources for the exponential growth of refugees in the world.

“Uganda has the 5th largest refugee population in the world, however, they have no sustainable farmland in the nation,” says the Argentinian delegate. “We hope that we can implement new domestic farming measures in these countries.”

Some of these new domestic farming measure proposals have been importing plots of soil and arable land into these struggling nations in attempt to boost agriculture growth

However, the more pressing issue is how to get this food to the refugee camps.

One suggestion by some of the delegates has been the implementation of a food stamp system.

An example was a program in Thailand, called the ‘Welfare Card’. As the Thai delegate said, the program aims to “provide nutritious food access to those that are protected by the government.”

Other similar examples have been the call for a food stamp or token program in refugee heavy nations.

As the delegates from Poland and Slovakia mentioned during their resolution discussions, they want to give refugees a credit or coupon to local stores so that food access is easier.

The caveat is that most of the above proposals will only apply to refugees and asylum seekers registered in the nation, not illegal refugees.

“We unfortunately cannot help illegal refugees as much because it would infringe on international sovereignty,” said the delegate of Slovakia.

Despite this setback, these discussions and resolutions hope to tackle and resolve the food crisis that plagues the world’s refugees in a quick and efficient manner. Multiple resolutions by the delegates are hoped to be passed later today on these issues.

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