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Stock Your Holms for the 2030 Olympics

On March 25, 2023 circa 11:30 a.m. the International Olympic Committee (IOC) of the United Nations (UN) were coming to a conclusion for where to hold the Olympic games for the upcoming years of 2030 (Stockholm, Sweden) and 2034 (Salt Lake City, United States).

The first issue the IOC addressed was whether the games could be held in Eastern Europe and how to address security if they do take place in Eastern Europe due to Ukraine’s recent refusal to collaborate with Russia.The Eastern European delegates spent their fair share of time addressing this issue and arguing for the possibility of a successful Olympic event in Eastern Europe.

When asked about how international relationships will be handled, the delegation of Hungary said, “Hungary will approach everything diplomatically.”

That is exactly how these situations should be handled, through diplomacy. As Russia is always open to collaboration, all matters can be resolved diplomatically. If a state is willing to work with Russia, then Russia is willing to work with it.

Following the discussion of Eastern European events, the IOC decided against that location and moved on to trying to support less developed countries by trying to host the Olympics there. Afghanistan was a popular choice amongst the committee members and seemed favorable by many delegations as many delegations were discussing it as a plausible host country during an unmoderated caucus.

The delegation of Papua New Guinea said, “Afghanistan will be one of the most developed countries in the world by 2030. Afghanistan has the climate to host the Olympics.”

When asked how Afghanistan is on track to become developed enough to host the olympics in 2030, the delegate of Afghanistan replied, “Afghanistan is already currently, finding cleaner energy resources, creating gender equal institutions and addressing the issues of racial inequality. Afghanistan is also the perfect place to host the Olympics because it does snow in the winter which is what you need for most Winter Games and it does get hot enough in the summer to host the Summer Games. Afghanistan also already has the coastal City Stadium, so there will be no need to build or demolish any infrastructure.”

However, after further discussion of this topic, some new locations were chosen and seemed to be final just before the committee session ended. The final choices made in this session were made pretty clear when the delegation of Turkey said “Stockholm 2030, and Salt Lake city 2034” in an unmoderated caucus to the delegation of Indonesia.

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