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Security Council signs the first resolution of 2023 UN Conference

Most of the present delegations just approved resolution 1.1 regarding the protection of civilians, children & women during armed conflicts.

Resolution 1.1 had nine votes in favor, and one abstention. This resolution acknowledged the economic difficulties some of the delegation might encounter when an armed conflict takes place.

Remembering the Geneva Conventions, signed in 1949, which established the international legal standard for humanitarian treatment during war times, the sponsors made emphasis on the importance of it regarding international humanitarian rights.

Together, all delegations aimed to find a peaceful solution to rightfully protect civilians. Everyone was encouraged to present their suggestions as to what actions the council should implement.

Some of the crucial points of this resolution include the economic aid, and distribution of food and resources by the delegation of the United States, who urged the present delegations to assist the nations in need of help as the resolution states.

Also, there was the declaration of a newly created international fund aimed for the disaster that is left after armed conflicts. These funds are planned to be used in the construction of refugee camps, specifically for children and women, who are the most vulnerable.

Both Switzerland and France will be welcoming the refugees from nations that are going through conflicts that might endanger the civilians, such as Ukrainian refugees fleeing from the war zone in Kyiv.

It was declared there will be organization for educational programs financially aided by the sponsoring delegations. These programs are going to be held within the refugee centers.

While the United States delegation made sure to establish their points of view, there were some doubts about their intended actions, which were contradictory with their words. The recent conflict with Syria puts in question the importance of the topic for the delegation.

“The United States delegations believe that peace can be achieved in different ways, and diplomacy may not be the approach,” said the delegation when asked about their “pacific postures” regarding the bombing from their military forces in Syria a few days ago.

The delegation also said,“We seek to spread peace toward the people of the world.”

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