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Secrecy spreads amongst the SEC

The West tries to rush Russia out of the world order

On March 26, 2023 circa 2:00 p.m. the United Nations Security Council (SEC) was behaving like a middle school classroom gossiping in cliques on matters such as nuclear weaponry, terrorist rebellions, and assassinations.

The first issue addressed was that North Korea had launched missiles in the East China Sea with the consent of China which led to humanitarian catastrophes in the Philippines. Later this worsened as North Korea would continue testing nuclear weapons and Kim Jong-Un himself came as a speaker to affirm that North Korea had no intention of stopping its efforts.

Afterwards the SEC received intel that a civil war had broken out in Mali as rebels backed by an unknown state had tried to use democratic processes to overthrow the current terrorist government. It was later discovered that these backing troops were fueled by North Korea who had ulterior motives in the invasion. Apparently, North Korea was extracting gold from Mali.

Not long after, there was an assassination attempt on North Korea’s delegate. In which the delegation of Brazil confided to the Russian press,“In all honesty it was Brazil that attempted to assassinate North Korea's representative.”

Brazil had their reason for doing so. As Russia cares for other nations around the globe, Russia promised Brazil some covert benefits in order for Brazil to somehow eliminate North Korea from Mali as Russia’s way of looking after Mali.

The west has their own convert agenda with Mali and North Korea. France, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Albania formed their own bloc and in common western fashion and imperialism are trying to seize power in the SEC and import its agenda on North Korea trying to kick Russia out of the global world order. This bloc alongside several other NATO nations are attempting to excommunicate Russia and China from global affairs. As the west was working in secrecy, uncovering their devious plan was not possible however Albania did confess to attempting to assassinate President Putin “because he was involved with North Korea.”

So it is clear that the west still wants North Korea’s corruption to influence Mali once the rebels take down the fascist government. The West is corrupt and is trying to shove their agenda down the world’s throat though every nation has the right to participate and contribute to ensuring the world is secure.

“Russia has heaven’s mandate to continue its actions across the globe,” said the delegate of Russia.

As we can see, the crises involving Mali and North Korea are taking massive precedence and the SEC is not bothering to address the Russo-Ukrainian situation. Primarily because there is nothing real to address and NATO simply needs to collaborate with Russia. Even Albania who opposed Russia in the current issues the SEC were discussing and members of NATO had their delegate say, “Russia-Ukraine is not an important topic.”

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