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Russia sidelined by many delegates because of Ukraine war

Today as I interviewed delegates from various committees I observed an interesting pattern. Many delegations appear to be cutting off Russia in their UN dealing and resolutions because of the negative connotations that are now associated with them due to their war with Ukraine.

In the UNESCAP (United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific) Committee I talked with a variety of delegates and heard a variety of opinions. Russia themselves said that nothing was wrong, that the position was quote “more or less the same as always.” This however did not hold with other delegates. The delegation from France believed that the Russian war in Ukraine fostered mistrust for the Russian Federation, when asked whether this will affect their voting when the time comes they responded with a solemn yes. According to the delegate, the Russian message is diluted by their mistakes in Ukraine.

While Russia's delegate in UNESCAP didn't know what was going on, their representation in the World Tourism Organization was well aware of what has been afoot. When I questioned other delegates on their cooperation with Russia in the WTO they responded with a variety of answers. Some said they find it difficult to trust Russia due to Russian militarism, while other said they have been working with Russia just fine. However when interviewing the Russian delegate himself he very clearly stated that he felt around half the council was refusing to listen to him and citing the Russo-Ukrainian war as a reason.

During unmoderated debate the Russian delegate said, “Russia is absolutely being targeted in this conference, I have had to fight off more attacks than ever before. Nobody will mention the Ukraine war directly because it is unrelated to the topic.” This Russian delegation is convinced that the Russian war in Ukraine is hurting Russia's diplomatic relations severely. This angered him as he later stated that “Russians were being oppressed in the Ukrainian state and had to be freed. Russia did not start this war the Ukrainian oppressors in the Donbass region did." Whether this argument has basis in fact remains to be seen however I think we can agree that diplomacy has become much more difficult for Russia. Regardless of who started the war, if they don't end it it is going to hurt them even more. This is only the beginning of the ugly beast of war rearing its head.

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