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Haywire in the Trojan Council

Day 1, Session 2:

In the Trojan Council, it seems that peace negotiations had started with the Greeks, however, due to the failed assassination attempt against Patroclus, a good friend of Achilles and member of the Greek Council, the Trojan council have enraged the Greeks. The Trojans believe that war is inevitable and they should start preparing by sending in more spies and creating well-trained armies and navies. As of now, the Trojans have Aphrodite and Ares in their favor.

As Glaucus recommended, “The Trojan council should split up into three groups: military leaders, diplomats, and priests. Military leaders will be responsible for the commandments and structuring of the armies and navies; diplomats are in charge of keeping relations with our allies; the priests are in charge of maintaining relations with the Gods.”

After several debates on how to receive resources and supplies to prepare for war, a surprise guest speaker appeared, none other than Apollo himself. Apollo came to propose an agreement that if the Trojans are able to make a human sacrifice(s), then he will put an end to the ongoing plague in Troy and additionally be in the Trojan’s favor in case of war. The Trojans agreed to this offer, but who will they sacrifice?

Following endless discussion, The Greeks had entered the Trojan council to propose a new peace treaty that declared the Trojans return Helen safely and provide compensation. However, at the end of this proposition, a mysterious member of the Trojan Council kidnaps Calcus, one of the peace negotiators from Greece. The Trojans tried their best to extract information from this prophet but received minimal details.

The Trojan council decides on possible negotiations with the Greeks.

Apollo presents his offer of making a human sacrifice to win over his favor.

The Trojan council holds Calcus, a Greek prophet, hostage.

Helen and Menelaus play rock-paper-scissors

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