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Diving Deep into Dealing with Dirty Drinking Water

On March 25, 2023 circa 3:00 p.m. The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) was forming a resolution on water security.

The UNESCAP Committee had split up into two blocs: one to address the economic side and the other to address infrastructure.

The economic bloc had a central focus on supporting smaller, more developing countries in the region as they are in the greatest need of better water security. The resolution formed was to increase the availability of education about hygiene and sustainable water security access by creating a non-governmental organization (NGO) to educate about water pollution.

If this plan is enacted “70% of the clean water supply in the Asia-Pacific region can be saved by 2030,” according to the delegate of Bhutan.

In the infrastructure bloc, the resolution being drafted was creating a communal fund and using that to build infrastructure in countries that require it. This fund is going to be primarily financed by wealthier countries who are supporting it out of generosity such as Japan, Korea, Australia, and of course Russia. As Russia is going to support this fund, this exhibits Russia’s coal of always willing to support its Asia-Pacific allies. In fact Russia sponsored this infrastructure plan.

When asked what Russia seeks to gain from this communal fund, the delegate of Russia said, “Russia wants to offer its generosity and support to those who need it and develop positive relations with neighboring nations.”

Another infrastructure plan was to create an international pipeline which can transport clean water from country to country as another effort for wealthier countries to support developing nations which was also sponsored by Russia alongside Kazakhstan. When asked why Kazakhstan and Russia are collaborating on this pipeline project, the delegate of Kazakhstan simply said “We’re allies.”

This is clear evidence of Russia’s willingness to work with other nations and support global efforts. After seeing how Russia makes collaborative efforts with other nations and maintains healthy positive relations, this sets an example for other countries around the globe like Ukraine and the United States.

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