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Day 1, Session 2:

The Greek council has certainly taken a great turn of events. There was a divide between the members of the Greek council as many members advised Menelaus to not take any sudden course of action by himself and that they need to work together. Menelaus concurred, but the emotions that come with losing his wife weighed heavily down on Menelaus. Now how did Menelaus lose his wife, Helen, one may ask? Helen was put under a spell of Aphrodite, so that Helen would fall in love with the Prince of Troy Paris. Paris came to Sparta and abducted Helen, leaving Menelaus in shambles.

The Greeks still have negotiations up in the air with the Trojans and several delegates, namely Nestor, Agamemnon, Mopsus, Calcus, and Idomeneus, entered the Trojan council to propose a peace treaty. This peace treaty consisted of the following segments: the Trojans must return Helen, the Queen of Sparta safely, the Greeks will offer a port within Crete and the Trojans must offer a port on the outskirts of Troy to prohibit the building of a navy, and that the Trojans must provide additional compensation, such as weaponry for a year and 100 Drachmas (1 Drachma=$100).

The Greeks also realize that war is inevitable if the Trojans do not accept the peace negotiation and are constructing a contingency plan in case of conflict. The main sponsors of this war directive are Achilles, Patroclus, Phoenix, Anticlous, and Mopsus. The focal points of this directive are aimed at raising armies, creating naval and land blockades, and appealing to gods. The gods that have agreed to be in favor of the Greeks are Demeter, Artemis, Hades, Persephone, Athena, and Hermes.

The Greek delegates right before entering the Trojan Council (Left: Nestor, Agamemnon, Mopsus, Calcus, Idemenus.)

The Greek Delegates presenting their peace treaty at the Trojan Council.

Day 2 Session 2:

Despite all efforts to keep peace, the Greeks have had enough and decided to declare war on Troy. War has been going on for several years and ceased fire. A duel has been proposed between Menelaus and Paris to end the war. The Trojans didn’t agree to the terms to end the war, but sent Paris to duel. The Greek Council sent Achilles instead of Menelaus, but unfortunately for the Greeks, Achilles lost. The duels continue between the Greeks and Trojans.

Achilles vs. Paris

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