Preferred Names: Arielle

Preferred Pronouns: She/her

Year: Junior

Majors: Law, Creative Writing

From: Tucson, Arizona

Interests: Poetry, Puns, Music, Jeopardy, World Politics

AZMUN is more than just another collegiate club with cool t-shirts. It is a family, it is my niche on such a large campus, and it is an inclusive group of passionate, dedicated and funny people. In high school, I participated in the AZMUN conference three times. Every time, I walked away with a newly gained skill, and new found self confidence. This year I am more than honored to serve on the other side of things, helping students reach their full potential as public speakers, friendly negotiators, and better world citizens. When I'm not immersed in MUN, I love to write (for class and for fun), make people laugh (hopefully), eat ethnic foods, DJ on KAMP radio, and sing around the house.

Contact me at if you have any questions about debate, want to know more about conferences and rules, want me to write you a poem, have questions about alternative meetings, questions about new music, or if you just want to hang out.