Overview of Committees

English Committees

General Assembly 4: GA4


1. Territorial disputes in the Arctic region


2. Preventing abuse by peacekeepers on civilian populations


3. Protecting Palestinian rights under Israeli rule

GA4 Background Guide

International Court of Justice: ICJ

1. Cyprus v. United Kingdom

2. Qatar v. United Arab Emirates

ICJ Short Overview

ICJ Background Guide

ICJ Addendum

United Nations International Drug Control Programme of 1982: UNDCP

1. International Cooperation to Combat Drug Trafficking

2. Prevention of Drug Use

3. Drug Trafficking of Central and South America


UNDCP Background Guide

International Olympic Committee: IOC

1. Developing More Extensive Policies for Host City Selection

2. Establishing International Standards for Transgender Athletes

3. Environmental Impact and Sustainability of the Olympics

IOC Background Guide

United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees: UNHCR

1. Providing Safe Environments for Women

2. Addressing the Growing Issue of climate refugees.

3. Protection of LGBT Rights.

UNHCR Background Guide

United Nations Industrial Development Organization: UNIDO

1. Continuing Removal of Persistent Organic Pollutants through intergovernmental  coordination in accordance with Sustainable Development Goals for 2030

2. Increasing Access to vocational and technical education opportunistiesaround the globe.

3. Increasing Access to E-commerce and digital markets in an increasingly globalized world. 


UNIDO Background Guide

Committee on The Peaceful Use of Outer Space: COPUOS

1. Properly Utilizing Space-Based Information for the Use of Disaster Management:

2. Prevention and Mitigation of Space Debris 

3. The Use of Nuclear Power Sources in Outer Space


COPUOS Background Guide

Bilingual Committees/Comités Bilingües

General Assembly 1: GA1

1. Military and Insurgency Conflicts and their affect on the environments

2. Preventing the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction

3. Preventing the use of Children and Child Soldiers in armed conflict.


GA1 Background Guide

Guía de investigación para GA1

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization: UNESCO

1. Impact of Climate Change on World Heritage Sites

2. Combating illicit trafficking of cultural property. 

3. Developing international policies for use of artificial intelligence. 


UNESCO Background Guide

Guía de investigación para UNESCO

International Monetary Fund: IMF

1. The Prevention of global economic crises.

2. The development of policies that promote financial recovery.

3. International support for low-income countries.


IMF Background Guide

Guía de investigación para IMF


Comités en español

Asamblea Mundial de la Salud (WHA)

1. Implementación de técnica de medicina preventivas.

2. El mejoramiento de la atención y el tratamiento del salud mental.


Guía de investigación para WHA (Pronto se Publicará)


Agencia Internacional de Energía Atómica (IAEA)

1. Preparación, prevención y respuesta ante emergencias.

2. La gestión de desechos/residuos radiactivos.

3. La energía nuclear y su papel en el futuro de la lucha contra el cambio climático.

Guía de investigación para IAEA 

Crisis Committees

English Security Council

1. Open Agenda

ESC Background Guide

Historic Security Council of 1990: HSC

1. Open Agenda

HSC1990 Background Guide

1968 American Cabinet: JCC

1. Promotion of Democracy in Czechoslovakia in the face of Domestic Protests.

2. Neutralization of Nuclear Threats.


JCC USA Background Guide

1968 Soviet Politburo: JCC

1. Maintaining Communist Control in Czechoslovakia

2. Keeping Other International Bodies out of the Matter.

JCC USSR Background Guide