Year: Senior

Majors: Physics, Economics, Mathematics

Minors: Astronomy, Spanish

From: Tempe, Arizona

Interests: Arizona Athletics, Bagels, LeBron James, Artificial Intelligence, the Cubs


I initially joined MUN freshman year to give myself a break from all of the really technical math and equations in the rest of my day. But I found a lot more than just a political science club - I found a family. I felt at home debating and hanging out with the other kids in MUN, and I've been grown a lot with the other MUNers in this club. One of my favorite aspects of AZMUN is our spring conference. Watching the leaders of the next generation think deeply about hot-button topics, and engaging delegates from across international borders and cultural divides, gives me hope for the future. This year, I'm especially excited about our college club attending a new major conference, NWMUN in Seattle.

I can be reached at with any questions about our conference, our club, or our mission. I'm always happy to talk about MUN!