Interested in Joining AZMUN?

Here's a couple reasons why you should...

Welcome to Arizona Model United Nations' College Club!  



If you are interested in learning more about us,

please email our USG of Internal Affairs, Rachel Lindzon, at




Every week students discussion current geopolitical issues. In the spring students have the option to take MUN as a class for upper division political science or Spanish credit.  




Model UN teaches students how to write and deliver speeches, negotiate in a professional manner, problem solve and conduct research. 


If you have no idea what MUN does that's okay! We have training sessions at the beginning of every meeting.  




Every year we travel to at least one conference outside the state. Students receive a deans excuse and there are many scholarships available to help fund the trips. This last year we went to Chicago and Montreal! 




Every week MUN hosts social events outside of meetings for members to bond. Some of these events include bowling, karaoke, arcades and dinners. 

For more information or to get on our mailing list email our USG of International Affairs Kelly Spinner at