Arizona Model United Nations is a club devoted to the enrichment and understanding of the world and many unique cultures that exist within it. Our direct reach is limited to the southwestern United States; however, our club is merely one element in a global network of Model United Nations that extends into nearly every region internationally. Together, we work for the same goal to promote overall peace and stability in the world. 


2019 - 2020

Esteemed delegates and advisors,

It is my honor to welcome you to the 58th annual Arizona Model United Nations Conference, traditionally and lovingly referred to as AZMUN58. Although the conference is still months away, we’ve already begun working on new, innovative changes for our conference ‒ as well as bringing back some favorite experiences from the past! As always, our mission is to inspire and prepare today’s delegates to succeed in tomorrow’s world. We look forward to continuing this mission on March 7th and 8th, 2020. Be ready for a full weekend of debate, discussion, cooperation, collaboration, and diplomacy. 


My name is Tyler DeMers, and I have the honor of acting as this year’s Secretary General. Over the past six years, I’ve been lucky to be able to see AZMUN from all angles; in the past, I have been an AZMUN delegate, a chair of both the Organization of American States and the English Security Council, served as debate Undersecretary in committee, General thorough of Domestic resolution Training writing and during now suspensions, as Secretary General. I have seen inspired debate in committee, thorough resolution writing during suspensions, and truly iconic dance moves at the Delegate Dance.


These highlights are just a sampling of my favorite memories from AZMUN, and I’m excited to make more with you this year. We are especially excited about some of the changes to the logistics and committees for AZMUN58. One of our focuses this year is on the accessibility of our conference. We want to ensure that any delegate, regardless of disability, has the opportunity to experience AZMUN. We are incorporating opportunities and resources for mobility, hearing, and vision disabilities as standard procedure and seek to make any needed adaptations to accommodate any delegate; we simply ask that we are informed before conference to ensure that any necessary resources for these or any other needs are available to provide an incredible conference experience. In addition, AZMUN is striving to improve the cross-cultural interactions between our Arizonan and Sonoran delegations. We are planning on reorganizing our international picnic to better facilitate exchange between our two delegations. Furthermore, we are working to improve technological access as well as provide more in-committee and conference amenities that will enhance delegate experience. These are just the latest in our drive to improve the AZMUN experience for all of our delegates, and we hope that you take advantage of these opportunities! 



Tyler DeMers
Secretary General | Arizona Model United Nations



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The Arizona Model United Nations program was founded in 1963 by Dr. Clifton E. Wilson, a full professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Arizona.  Through the program, Dr. Wilson hoped to provide an interactive learning experience in international politics, law and diplomacy for both high school and university students. The first Arizona Model United Nations high school conference was held on January 18th and 19th, 1963. Because the conference was being held on an “experimental basis”, it was initially limited to Tucson, Arizona area high schools.  Ten Tucson high schools sent 200 delegates and sponsors to the session which consisted only of the General Assembly.  The topics considered at the first General Assembly session were the Representation of Communist China in the United Nations and Nuclear Testing.  Because of the enthusiastic response to this “experimental” conference, it was decided not only to make the session an annual event, but to extend it to include all Arizona high schools. In its fifty years of existence, AZMUN has reached out to more than 100 schools within the state of Arizona, as well as schools in California and Sonora, Mexico.


The AzMUN sessions have grown to include the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council, specialized committees dealing with topics such as the status of women and crime prevention, and regional bodies such as the Arab League and African Union.  AZMUN has also expanded to include a Spanish-language component which now simulates a meeting of the Organization of American States as well as a Spanish-language Security Council. An enormous amount of preparation goes on behind the scenes to get ready for the actual AZMUN session.

High schools select countries, research, write position papers, and send students as delegates.  Faculty advisors and student leaders help prepare their delegations by using materials of their own as well as materials provided by AAMUN.  Some schools offer AZMUN as a regular class, while others offer it as a club or special activity. The University of Arizona group or ‘club’ consists of about 80 students who act as the Secretariat for the conference, running committee sessions, helping with research, facilitating crisis simulations, etc. These full-time university students organize the program, write background materials to help the high schools prepare and  meet with the high school students to advise and instruct them.  The activities of these students are run primarily through an eleven-member executive committee supervised by a Secretary General and a Faculty Advisor. The session is held at the University of Arizona Student Union and last for two days.


One of the highlights of the two day program is the International Banquet which features a keynote speaker. Students meet in committee sessions to form strategy, debate, then draft and vote on resolutions.  The session ends with the Plenary Session where Special Rapporteurs report on the highlights of their committees and awards are given out to exceptional delegates. The educational value of high school Model United Nations simulations is immeasurable.  Student Delegates take on the role of the countries they represent.  Through this, they learn how other nations of the world view important issues while also learning how these nations work together.  This simulation provides a better understanding of global cooperation and the use of peaceful means to solve programs while also acting as a great introduction to the fields of international relations and international law.  Students gain a better knowledge of diplomacy and a realization that many of the problems facing our modern world truly know no geographic boundaries.


AZMUN is one of the oldest and most enduring student organizations at the University of Arizona.  We are proud that the AZMUN has grown to become an integral part of the University of Arizona and of the educational program at many high schools.  The AZMUN program has attracted the attention of the community and has gained national recognition both for its high school conference and for the performance of its University club-members as they participate at international conferences.  We hope that participating students can absorb all that is offered by this unique experience.  Our sincere thanks goes out to all of those special people who have worked hard over the last five decades to make AZMUN what it is today.